Welcome to the Fitchburg High School Athletics Web page. Our athletic department is committed to providing an outstanding experience to all of our student athletes with an emphasis on educational athletics. FHS has a rich tradition and has been providing a positive athletic experience for student athletes for over a century. We challenge our athletes to compete with that tradition in mind and it is their responsibility to represent Fitchburg High School in a positive and proper manner.



Ray Cosenza


The Interscholastic Athletic Program at Fitchburg High School is committed to the Mission Statement of Fitchburg High School, which is published in the Fitchburg High School Student/Parent Handbook and Program of Studies.

Athletics are an extension of the school day. Our coaches are charged with the responsibility to teach the values of accepting success graciously, accountability, citizenship, sportsmanship, confidence, tolerance, handling disappointment, leadership, organizational skills, participation within the rules, performing under pressure, persistence, work ethic, physical well-being, responsibility, sacrifice, self-discipline, social skills, striving towards excellence, taking instruction and teamwork. This is obviously an awesome responsibility and we will do our best to see that it is never taken lightly.

The athletic program strives to have all student athletes play with “poise and class.” This should be a very important part of the instruction that takes place at each practice session and game.

Tryouts are open to all students, providing they are in good standing academically, are good school citizens, and are physically fit to participate. Participation in the program is a privilege, which students earn by maintaining these standards.

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