Contact Information

Director of Nutritional Services

Jill Lucius


Assistant Director of Nutrition Services

David Semenza



District Dietician

Hillary Standiford


Free & Reduced Clerk

Colleen McGuirl



Nutrition Managers


    Crocker Elementary   

    Debra Leger



    McKay Arts Academy

    Kathy Perry



    Reingold Elementary

    Lisa Murray



    South St Elementary

    Margaret Gallo



    Longsjo Middle

    Donna Landry



    Memorial Middle

    Joan Aho




    Renee Howe




Meal prices for the 2012-13 school Year

Breakfast will continue to be Free to all Elementary and Middle School students.

Full pay breakfast at Fitchburg High School: $1.00                 Reduced: $ .30

Reduced Lunch at all levels: $ .40

Elementary Full Pay lunch: $ 2.00.                    Middle and high school full pay lunch: $2.50. 


Weekly Cost for Full meals

Full Pay Elementary: $10.00              Full Pay Middle & High School: $12.50       Reduced: $ 2.00



All FPS utilize a Point of Sales computerized payment program. This program allows us to track all students’ participation in both breakfast and lunch.

You may pay ahead for student meals by mailing a check (electronic checks excepted) to your student’s school or by sending payment in with your student. Make checks payable to: Fitchburg Nutrition Services.

You may request information on your child’s balance at any time by calling or emailing the Nutrition Manager at your child’s school. You may also access each manager from FPS website at under Nutrition Services.



If at any time during the school year your student leaves Fitchbug Public Schools you may request a refund of any funds in your student’s account. For refunds of less than $25.00 during the school year please call or email the Nutrition Manager at your child’s school. They will provide you with a form that you must fill out to receive cash. The form must be signed by a parent or guardian. We will not give refunds to students unless requested by the parent or guardian. For refunds over $25.00 or any refund when school is not in session, please click here and fill out the W-9 form. email the form to Nutrition Manager at your child’s school or print the form and mail it to: Fitchburg Nutrition Services, 140 Arn-How Farm Rd. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420. The form will be processed; a check will be issued and mailed to you.


Lunch Fee Policy

Fitchburg Public Schools ("FPS"), through its Nutrition Services Department ("NSD"), provides breakfast, lunch, and afterschool snacks and dinner to students of the District. Fitchburg Public Schools' NSD operates a viable, sustainable, and healthy Nutrition Services Program.


It is the Policy of Fitchburg Public Schools that: No child will be denied lunch.


Because unpaid meal charges place a financial strain on the School Department, the FPS

Lunch Meals Charging Parameters are as follows:

FPS, through its NSD, allows the courtesy of allowing a student to charge a reimbursable lunch with the following lunch meal limits by school level:

Elementary School (PK-4): No more than ten (10) reimbursable meals shall be charged.

Middle School (5-8): No more than five (5) reimbursable meals shall be charged.

High School (9-12): No more than two (2) reimbursable meals shall be charged


Once the limits are exhausted an alternative reimbursable lunch will be provided until the account becomes current. Alternative reimbursable lunches will be charged at the current lunch price.

There will be no charging of breakfasts at Fitchburg High School.


Scope of Responsibility:

Nutrition Services Department: Shall be responsible for maintaining charge records and notifying the school district of outstanding balances.

School Department: Shall be responsible for forwarding written notification home to the parent /guardian of the student.

Parents/Guardians: Shall be responsible for all outstanding balances and payment of meals.

The School Committee: Authorizes the Superintendent or designee to develop procedures for provision of meals and collection of fees consistent with this policy.


Free and Reduced Applications

All students will receive a packet contain the application for free and reduced meals at the beginning of the school year.  A 2012-13 application must be submitted to continue any previous benefits. Please fill out one application for your entire family and send it back to your youngest child’s school. PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT APPLICATIONS FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL CHILD IN THE FITCHBURG PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

Please return this application even if you think you do not qualify. Fitchburg receives additional funding for other school programs based on this information. We thank you for your time in completing this application and we appreciate your participation in our programs.


If you have further questions please call the Nutrition Services Office @ 978-345-3285 or check out the Nutrition Services Department on the FPS web site


Jill Lucius

Director of Nutrition Services Fitchburg Public Schools

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