Extended Learning

A typical Longsjo Middle School student learns the fundamentals of drawing and painting in art class. A group of 16 talented young artists are learning to master new mediums at a new after-school program that meets twice per week. "I wanted to give students who are very interested in art the opportunity to explore different types of art," said art teacher Sandra Robillard.

These 16 students meet after school twice per week. On Tuesdays, the students hone their skills making 2D art, said Robillard. But on Thursdays, students' projects jump off the page. Then they make 3D sculptures, which was why on Thursday eighth-grade student Lea Nogueira could be found sanding down the edges of a molded clay penguin. Nogueira and the rest of her peers in the after-school program were "some of the best students" from Robillard's art classes.

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Crocker Elementary School was filled with excitement Thursday night during the "Bring Your Parent" to the 21st Century After-School Program.

Parents flocked to the school -- 25 families to be exact -- to watch their children participate in four different enrichment activities. The fun-filled evening ended with a dinner prepared by the "Our Kids in the Kitchen" class.

"The 21st Century funding is to supplement and add on to the things that are going on during the school day," said Crocker Elementary School 21st Century Site Coordinator Kim Bellio. "Our goal is to provide academic enrichment through project-based learning, to also promote community service through service-learning activities and to provide positive social growth. All activities are connected to the standards that we teach throughout the school year, as well as activities that they just like to do."

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Crocker Elementary School 21st Century Scholars were helping out Punxsutawney Phil. He was tired of going up and down his burrow year after year so our students designed and built elevators to get him to the top of his burrow in time to predict the weather!

And sadly...the official Punxsutawney Phil did make it out of his burrow and saw his shadow!!! 6 more weeks of winter. Perhaps our little engineers shouldn’t have helped him out!

Students working with Mrs. Goodlett on Kitchen Science in the 21st Century Community Learning Center before school program at South Street Elementary School made it rain in a jar.

Students working with Ms. Aube in the 21st Century Community Learning Center after school program at South Street Elementary School created totem poles focused on their personal spirit animals. Each student’s spirit animal had a blurb written by that student explaining why this animal was representative of themselves.