Title I

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Grants

Jonathan Thompson



McKinney-Vento District Liaison

Title I Parent Liaison

Eva Kelly


978-345-3209 ext.118

Grants Administrator

Callie Cavallo


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Dear Parents,

The Fitchburg Public Schools know that you all have dreams for you children. We recognize that you support your child’s learning at home. We are now calling on you, as you child’s first and most influential teachers. We are calling on you to join us as partners in your child’s education. As partners we can support each other and the children. As partners we will be able to ensure that your child becomes successful. As partners we will ensure that your child grows into an academically successful, confident, college or career ready individual. Join us as partner in your child’s education. We welcome you into our schools as partners. The Fitchburg Public Schools provide multiple opportunities for parents to become involved in your child’s education. The links below contain more information on opportunities to learn how to support your child’s education and learning at home and become partners with your child’s school. Join us.

“The evidence is consistent, positive and convincing: families have a major influence on their child’s achievement in school and through life. When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer and like school more. (Henderson & Mapp)”

- Henderson, A., & Mapp, L.K.2002 A new wave of evidence: The impact of school, family and community connections on student achievement, annual synthesis 2002. Austin, TX: SEDL, p.7.

"I do...We do...You do."

Building on Parent's Strengths to Support Learning at Home.

~ Paula Giaquinto