Craig Chalifoux

Principal at Longsjo Middle School

“The Fitchburg Public School provided me with excellent classroom experiences and many extracurricular opportunities to pursue my love of athletics through competitive sports. I was so fortunate to be coached and guided by caring professionals that saw my potential as a young student-athlete. Ultimately, it was the positive relationships formed with Fitchburg High School staff and classmates that set me on a career path with the necessary skills and determination for success.”

Class of 1981

Ellen J. (Martin) Ferraro, PhD

Director of Research & Technology, Raytheon

“My education in the Fitchburg Public Schools gave me the academic and leadership skills to be successful in both college and in my career. The teachers always showed strong commitment to the success of the students and provided us with opportunities to grow and develop as individuals. The breadth of the athletic programs and extracurricular activities provided at FHS enabled me to explore a wide range of interests, develop confidence and learn to be part of a team. I’m thankful to all of the teachers, coaches, class advisors and guidance counselors who helped me and so many other students along the way.”

Class of 1985

Deborah Gelinas, M.D.

Global Director Neurology and Immunology at Grifols; Clinical Professor University of North Carolina

“I believe my education at Fitchburg High School prepared me well for a lifetime of Academic Achievement. Honors English taught me to read critically, German and Latin taught me to assimilate new vocabularies, Advanced Math taught me to recognize patterns and Biology taught me to marvel at the complexity of life. I was fortunate to have had all that exposure to learning and encouragement to pursue future goals.”

Class of 1978

Ashley Green

Photographer at Worcester Telegram & Gazette

“Being a student of the Fitchburg Public Schools from K-12 laid down an excellent foundation for my further education and future career. Mr. Alan Twomley’s television media course took me from being a shy, quiet freshman to a confident, outgoing senior. Although I didn’t pursue a career in television media, I owe a great deal of the confidence I had to pursue a career in print journalism to that media course, a course I am confident in saying isn’t offered at every local high school. As I went on to work as a full-time photojournalist at The Sentinel & Enterprise, it was always a joy to return to Fitchburg schools and cover their many events and sports and see all the new things they had going on. Now that I’ve moved on to the Worcester Telegram, I’ll keep a piece of Fitchburg with me and always cherish my memories in the school system.”

Class of 2007

Colleen (Cummings) Hirons

English teacher at FHS and English Department Facilitator

“Fitchburg Public Schools not only gave me an excellent education, but they also gave me a great sense of confidence and Independence. While college and then career have many challenges, the foundations of my Fitchburg education provided the tools needed to face the future head on with success.”

Class of 1980

Jim LaBelle

Food & Beverage Industry Executive

“For me, the passionate teachers and coaches I was fortunate to have in Fitchburg gave me a lifelong enthusiasm for learning and the confidence and desire to go out and engage purposefully with all the world has to offer.”

Class of 1982

Jean LaBelle-Pierce

Social Studies Lead Teacher and Senior Project Coordinator at Maynard Public Schools, Member of the Fitchburg School Committee

“Fitchburg Public Schools taught me the power of the individual and the responsibility of the individual to society. The teachers I learned from were committed to their students, passionate about their content, and determined to help us grow.”

Class of 1985

Ernest F. Martineau

Fitchburg Police Chief

“My education in the Fitchburg Public Schools started at Crocker Elementary, then onto B.F. Brown Jr. High School. The FPS provided the building blocks that gave me the opportunity to serve my community for the last thirty years. Sense of community and pride was stressed, in addition to academics, in order to make a complete student.”

Class of 1983

Mike Pelland

Former Principal at Goodrich Academy

“The FPS experience provided a strong foundation and the confidence necessary to return as an educator. The example provided by teachers and coaches made a career decision seem easy for me.”

Class of 1973

Mark Pierce

Math Instructional Coach at Fitchburg High School

“The public school experience has helped to shape me into the person I am today. Whether I am teaching mathematics, coaching student athletes, or raising my family, I can draw upon the strong academic foundation and athletic experiences I received in public school as a guide in making informed decisions in my life.”

Class of 1987

Livia Racz

Group Office, Chemical, Microsystem, and Nanoscale Technologies and Portfolio Lead, Advanced Materials and Processes – MIT Lincoln Laboratory -- Freelance mezzo-soprano soloist

“The 1980s was a challenging time to be in high school. Teachers were getting laid off regularly, extracurricular programs were being cut, and there were no advanced placement classes to help prepare us for college. However, the inspiring and dedicated teachers who persevered, my friends with whom we self-organized our own school activities, and the citizens of Fitchburg who listened to us lowly high school students when we went to City Hall, all taught me grit and persistence. These experiences gave me the confidence to persevere and excel at MIT, after a professor told me that I didn't belong there, and the confidence to hold my own today in a tough, male-dominated research institution. Mr. Thorne and the music program at FHS was also a huge influence, and eventually inspired me to train as a professional singer, alongside my scientific endeavors.”

Class of 1985

Philip Schoenig

Director, Corporate Integration for Raytheon-General Dynamics-BAE Systems, Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)

“The public school experience helped set the foundation for discipline, commitment and teamwork to achieving goals.”

Class of 1980

Peter Stephens

Retired teacher/principal in the Fitchburg Public School system; Fitchburg School Committee

“I have been associated with the Fitchburg Public Schools for 75 years, from when I started in first grade at Laurel Street School in 1943 to when I graduated from Fitchburg High in 1958. I have been a teacher, coach and administrator in the Fitchburg Public School system for many years. I have been on the Fitchburg School Committee for 10 years and was just elected for four more years. The teachers and administrators were the support which enabled me to be successful in my career as an educator for the children of Fitchburg.”

Class of 1958

Tara Sweeney

Owner of a technology test and evaluation company and a 3D-printing business; retired United States Air Force officer; and has accumulated approximately five hours in microgravity through parabolic flight operations.

“The Fitchburg Public School system is the gift that keeps on giving to me. The teachers, administrators, and staff members laid the foundation for my personal development as a young child. They supported and facilitated my dreams as a teenager. And, now, they celebrate my success as a professional. I am so proud to hail from our Long Red and Gray Line of Fitchburg Public School graduates.”

Class of 1991

Jason Twomley

Senior Account Executive, Unitrends

“My exposure to diversity both in the classroom, school and sports helped me develop a foundation to the real world for both its successes and challenges you face as a human being everyday. Services and activities that public schools offer its students today gives them to opportunity to choose what fits their character and where they want to fuel their passion.”

Class of 2001