Family Engagement

Fitchburg Public Schools Literacy, Math and Science Fair was held on Saturday at South Street Elementary School. What an amazing morning!

There was a free pancake breakfast, space bags, science, math and literacy activities, Mars workshop, Blue Star Planet Show and used books swap. Thanks to all who attended!!!

Twenty-five families attended a fun-filled Survivor Night at Reingold Elementary School and all participants were successful in finding the way off of Clueless Island to the Land of Knowledge!

Three brothers even created their own poem instead of copying one during the Poetry Challenge. Wow - very impressive!

An excellent time was had by all at this Title I sponsored event!

Winter Wonderland Breakfast & Book Swap

On Saturday, the Annual Title I meeting was held at South Street Elementary School. It's become a yearly tradition - as a winter wonderland breakfast and book swap.

Nearly 300 "diners" and over 115 families attended. The FHS Band provided music and a great connection for our elementary students and families.... to the great things our young people do as they grow up!

Books, Books, Books were everywhere. At one table, volunteers helped participants write "snowman" stories and about 30 families with young children were enrolled into our Footsteps to Brilliance initiative.

beginner bookworms